DVDs For Daily Workouts

Everyone wants to find ways to fit in fitness into our busy schedules. The right DVD can make big difference, whether you need low-impact routines that www.fitdvds.com/what-type-of-stretching-is-most-recommended are easy to do or full-body exercises that have a short duration.

Denise Austin’s DVD features the 12-minute routine that concentrates on various areas of the body each day. Each part can be done separately or together to give you a total body exercise. It’s a great option for beginners who want to begin the gym routine or for those who are already active but would like to increase their strength and stamina.

The trainer who made a name for herself on NBC’s The Biggest Loser promises to “eliminate fat.” This three-DVD package, which contains two 10-minute workouts, will make you sweat. Don’t fret if this is not the right level for you. Each workout has easy alternatives for those that can’t do more challenging moves.

Jane Fonda’s outrageously cheesy songs and Richard Simmons-style headband might seem off-putting however her workouts are effective. She does the same exercises as her best-selling workouts, including lower and upper body isometrics, as well as exercises using hand weights. She also shows proper form.

One of the nastier aspects of this DVD is that a recent research by a University of Washington professor found that its model models were a way to highlight the flaws in their bodies, with a majority of women’s bodies covered up. The DVD comes with a 30-day healthy eating plan, and worksheets to help you reflect on your own.

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